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List of questions for students starting to know about Grid Computing Link is here
Indian Ambassador visited our group Friday 5th November 2004.

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"We, The GRID People" @ Centre for Unified Computing

"In 1854, George Boole (1815-1864), Professor of Mathematics at Cork from 1849 despite having no first degree, formalised a set of such rules in the seminal work entitled, perhaps optimistically, An Investigation of the Laws of Thought. Boole's aim was to identify the rules of reasoning in a rigorous framework and revolutionised formal logic after thousands of years of little progress. They transformed logic from a philosophical into a mathematical discipline. These rules have subsequently become known as Boolean algebra and the design of all modern binary digital computers has depended on the results of this work. These logical operations, normally implemented as electronic gates, are all that are required to perform more complicated operations such as arithmetic." The Virtual Museum of Computing.

I'm Adarsh Patil, student of University College Cork. I am doing PhD under the supervision of Dr. John Morrison in the group Centre for Unified computing. I started my PhD in January 2002. I have chosen Grid computing and Cluster Computing as my research area. Most of the work in our research group is based on Condensed Graph Model of Computing, which is the work of our supervisor's PhD. Dr.John Morrison (my supervisor) was supervised by one of the three postgraduate students of Edsger W. Dijkstra.

Centre for Unified Computing (CUC) is one of the core grid and cluster computing research group in Ireland whose head and director is Dr. John Morrison. Its a part of Grid-Ireland.Other core research groups of Grid-Ireland are Grid Group from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) headed by Dr. Brian Coghlan, Grid Application group from National University of Ireland Galway(NUIG) headed by Dr. Andrew Shearer and Department of Computer Science, Queens University Belfast(Northern Ireland) headed by Prof.Ron Perrott.

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Our core research work is WebCom-G, whose chief architects are Dr. John Morrison , Dr David Power , Dr. James Kennedy , Dr. Keith Power and other researchers (Adarsh, Brian, Sunil, Padraig, Philip, Neil, John O' Regan, Tom, Barry, Max and Hongbin) of the group are currently building their research work around it. There is a security team in this research group headed by Dr. Simon Foley. Their security models are based on condensed graph model.

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